Procurement & Disposal


All radioactive materials orders shall be approved by the RSO prior to placement. The RSO will ensure that the order falls within the scope of the user’s approved proposal and possession limits. Once the order has been approved internally, the RSO can provide a copy of MSU’s license to the supplier to complete the order.

Generally Licensed Materials

Please notify the RSO when purchasing any generally licensed material so that it may be inventoried. This includes Nickel-63 electron capture devices (ECD’s) for use in gas chromatography, depleted uranium stains, low activity standards, etc. Ionizing radiation-producing devices should also be reported for registration, training, and dosimetry purposes. Click here for more information on x-ray devices.

If your department/area utilizes gas chromatographs containing Nickel-63 Electron Capture Detectors (ECD), the following training is required annually.

Nickel-63 ECD Management & Awareness Training

Individuals who work directly with or in proximity to gas chromatographs containing Nickel-63 Electron Capture Detectors (ECD) are required to take this training annually. This course is also recommended for property managers of departments owning these devices. 

The course is designed to provide awareness of the radioactive hazard of Nickel-63 ECD's and provide information on the proper management of the device.



Radioactive materials have special disposal requirements that vary based on criteria such as isotope, physical and chemical properties, hazardous material characteristics, etc. Contact the RSO at or submit a radioactive waste disposal form BEFORE disposing of any radioactive material or contaminated objects for more information and instructions on how to proceed.

** NEVER dispose of radioactive materials labels, stickers, or other items bearing “Radioactive” or trefoil symbol markings with regular trash. **

Special consideration should be given to x-ray devices, other ionizing-radiation producing devices, contaminated equipment, and equipment containing radioactive sources before disposal. X-ray devices need to be rendered inoperable prior to disposal. Items containing radioactive sources should have the source and any lead shielding removed prior to disposal. Some common examples of equipment to consider are analytical x-ray units, liquid scintillation counters, and gas chromatographs containing Nickel-63 electron capture devices.