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Radioactive material and other sources of ionizing radiation are used for teaching and research at MSU. The Radiation Safety Program is responsible for promoting the safe use of ionizing radiation to prevent unnecessary exposure to MSU faculty, staff, students, the general public, and the environment.

Exposure History Request Form

Radiation Workers

Working with or around radioactive materials is a unique hazard and requires special training. Learn more about Radiation Safety Enrollment, Good Lab Practices, and Spills and Emergencies by clicking below.

Radiation Workers

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X-Ray Devices

X-ray producing devices must be registered with the Mississippi Department of Health upon arrival. Find out more by clicking below.

X-Ray Devices

Procurement & Disposal

All radioactive materials orders shall be approved by the RSO prior to placement. Radioactive materials also have special disposal requirements that vary based on criteria. Find out more about both procurement and disposal of radioactive materials by clicking below.

Procurement & Disposal

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The Radiation Safety Office is here to assist the MSU community with all matters related to radiation safety. See our services by clicking below.

Radiation Safety Services

Resources & Training

Authorized users, radiation workers, x-ray users or anyone working adjacent to radioactive materials or ionizing radiation-producing devices will need to go through the appropriate training. Click below to see MSU radiation regulations and training options.

Radiation Regulations Live and Online Classes