Hazardous Waste Guidance

Hazardous Waste Disposal at Mississippi State

The main MSU campus is a RCRA large quantity generator (LQG) of chemical waste. The branch campuses around the state are either small quantity generators (SQG) or conditionally exempt small quantity generators (CESQG) of regulated chemical waste.

Common chemicals and chemical waste for disposal include laboratory chemicals, unusable pesticides, and waste maintenance chemicals such as paint, paint thinners, etc.

Environmental Health & Safety maintains waste disposal contracts for the waste streams generated within MSU.

The disposal process that must be followed is established by the EPA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations. The basic steps are as follows:

  • When a regulated chemical has been used or is no longer a usable product, the material is declared waste and must be managed in accordance with RCRA requirements.
  • EH&S on the main campus or the branch waste manager at the branch locations must be contacted to collect the waste.
  • Main campus generators should submit a hazardous waste pickup ticket.
  • The disposal cost for the disposal is back charged to the department generating the waste.