Biosafety Training

Successful completion of a range of biosafety training programs may be required prior to the initiation of your work at Mississippi State University. Please review the following table for information on required training.

Training is available on-line through Canvas. Live training is done by request and can be customized to your particular situation. Contact the biosafety officer at 662-325-0620 or for details.

Instructions for individual self-enrollment into Canvas biosafety training modules through myState.

When you click on the link below, you will be prompted to log into CAS and then taken to the MyState Classroom portal where you can self-enroll. Once there, look for the "Canvas Self Enrollment" section. You must then select the correct course from the "Select a Course" dropdown. Once you have selected your course, click "Confirm Enrollment?" and then click "Self Enroll". Your selected course will now be available through your Canvas Courses.

Please contact the biosafety office at 662-325-0620 or with any questions regarding enrollment. If you require a manual enrollment, be sure to have your NetID.

For issues relating directly to the course, as it relates to content, utilize the Canvas messaging portal.

  Bloodborne Pathogens Biosafety: Principles & Practices NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acids Effective Use of Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) Dual Use Research of Concern
    Mandatory for all Biosafety Levels Mandatory for all recombinant molecule research Mandatory for all BSC users  
  Taken once every 3 years Taken once Taken once Taken once Taken once
Before initiating work involving:          
Human or primate blood, other potentially infectious material including human/primate cell lines, or bloodborne pathogens REQ REQ   REQ  
Recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids   REQ REQ REQ  
Biosafety level 2   REQ   REQ  
Biosafety level 1   REQ   REQ  
Dual use agents of concern   REQ   REQ REQ

REQ is required