Hazardous Waste Guidance

Please read about our Hazardous Waste Disposal regulations at Mississippi State.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Hazardous Waste Guidance Manual

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Transportation of Hazardous Materials or Dangerous Goods

Learn more about our policies, our procedures, and international shipping steps below.

Transportation of Hazardous Materials or Dangerous Goods

Controlled Substances

Controlled substances are drugs that are regulated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy because of potential for abuse. Learn more at the Office of Research Compliance & Security by clicking below.

Controlled Substances

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Signs & Labels

All Satellite Accumulation Areas must be designated as such with a Satellite Accumulation Area sign provided by The Environmental Health & Safety Office. Find more information and printable signs by clicking below.

Hazardous Waste Signs & Labels

Spills & Leaks

Spills and leaks during normal work hours may be reported to Environmental Health & Safety at (662) 325-0026. After hours or if you cannot reach anyone at EH&S, report the spill to the MSU Police at (662) 325-2121.

See More About Making a Report

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Hazardous Waste Training

Live and Online Hazardous Waste classes are offered. Click below to see more details.

Hazardous Waste Training

Waste Pickup Ticket/Container Request

Please submit a hazardous waste pickup ticket for disposal of hazardous waste and replacement hazardous waste containers.

Waste Pickup and Container Request Forms