Excellence in Safety

EH&S acclaims faculty, staff, and students who make outstanding contributions to safety at Mississippi State University. Achievements may include, but are not limited to, actions to ensure a safe work or teaching environment, measures to prevent injury or illness, taking initiative to address unsafe conditions, and dedicated efforts to support a robust culture of safety. There are multiple ways in which Excellence is Safety is recognized:

Excellence in Safety Challenge Coins

Excellence in Safety Challenge Coins are issued to individuals or groups who make exemplary safety achievements. Coins can be awarded by :

  • Directly issued by EH&S in recognition of a safety achievement.
  • Awarded through Safety DAWG recognition.
  • Achieving outstanding EH&S Safety Review scores.

Safety DAWGS

The Safety DAWGS is a program to recognize members of the campus community for making positive contributions to safety. Safety DAWGS go the extra mile and take the initiative to prevent incidents, mitigate hazards, and promote a safe environment. A Safety DAWGS Submission Form can be submitted if you know of a person who should join the Safety DAWGS. All Safety DAWGS must achieve the following core criteria:

  1. Enact a positive contribution to safety.
  2. The positive contribution is proactive and aims to prevent workplace incidents.
  3. The positive contribution extends beyond the normal scope of duties.

In recognition of their efforts, Safety DAWGS will be awarded an Excellence in Safety Challenge Coin and be invited to the annual awards luncheon. Each month, EH&S will spotlight a Safety DAWG and present them with additional prizes. All Safety DAWGS will also be entered as candidates for the Annual Excellence in Safety Awards. Safety DAWGS, along with their achievements, are acclaimed on the Safety DAWGS webpage.

Excellence in Safety Awards

Excellence in Safety Awards aims to recognize and reward those who make exemplary contributions to safety. Excellence in Safety Awards are issued at the annual Excellence in Safety Awards Ceremony. To be considered for the Excellence in Safety Awards, candidates must have earned an Excellence in Safety Challenge Coin. To qualify for the Excellence in Safety Awards, it is important to note that candidates must have made the safety achievement within the last year.

Excellence in Safety Awards encompass EH&S, Divisional, and Leadership commendation. EH&S Excellence in Safety Awards categories include:

  • Laboratory Safety: Awarded to Principal Investigators or Area Supervisors who maintain outstanding laboratory environments. 
  • Fire & Facility Safety: Awarded to Building Operators who excel in maintaining robust facility infrastructure. 
  • Workplace Safety: Awarded to frontend supervisors who excel in maintaining a safe work environment. 

The inaugural Excellence in Safety award ceremony will take place in January 2025. Current and past Excellence in Safety Award recipients will be recognized on the Safety Awards webpage.