Laser Safety

Lab assistant works with green lasers


Lasers have many uses and applications in research and development. MSU has a vast and continually growing inventory of laser equipment.

In order to follow applicable regulations and mitigate the unique hazards presented by lasers, the EH&S office offers laser safety training to all MSU laser users. Please reach out to to enroll in training.

Laser safety training is required by federal regulations for Class 3B and Class 4 lasers. If you are unsure if your laser meets the criteria, please contact us for more information. It’s a good idea to complete the training even if your laser does not meet the threshold for requiring it.

Online Courses

When you click on a class below, you will be prompted to log into CAS and then taken to the Self-Enroll Qualification eform. Once there, you must select the correct class from the "Please Select a Course" dropdown. We also request that you justify why you are enrolling in this course by telling us how it applies to you and your field of study. Once you have completed the Self-Enroll Qualification eform, please sign into Canvas to access the training.

Would you like to enroll your entire group?  If you are an instructor, lecturer, or professor that teaches an online, hybrid, in-person course or laboratory and would like to have your class complete one of the online training courses offered by EH&S, please complete the Self-Enroll Instructor Request eform below. Then, each member of the group can individually log into Canvas to complete their training.