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Here is a list of the current training courses being offered:

  • Hazard Communication. Chemical classifications and label requirements have changed with the new Hazard Communication Standard adopted by OSHA. This training provides an overview of the changes that chemical users should be familiar. Offered live and online. To enroll in the online course, please log into MyCourses and click on the 'Self Enrollment' tab at the top of the page. Click on enroll next to 'Hazard Communication Training' and select 'Ok' to confirm. Click on 'MyCourses' in the top right hand corner to see the course in your course list.
  • Introduction to Laboratory Safety. A 3-hour course that aims to cover the basics of laboratory safety and teach attendants how to identify hazards in the laboratory.
  • Laboratory Safety for Non-Lab Workers. Work around a lab and are curious as to what all of those signs mean and what they mean to you? Come and find out during this 30-minute seminar!
  • Laboratory Safety Overview. A 1-hour review of important topics in laboratory safety for undergraduate laboratories or temporary student workers.
  • Risk and Hazard Assessment Workshop. Learn about risk & hazard assessments and how they apply to your laboratory. Hands on workshop included writing sample risk assessments. Target audience is PI's, supervisors, laboratory managers, and research associates. To be offered beginning Spring 2012
  • Training sessions can be scheduled at any time by contacting Erin Kiess at 325-8543 or Seminars can be custom made to your labs' needs.

Laboratory Training Matrix. A list of all of the training courses offered for laboratory workers (including biosafety, hazardous waste, lab safety, and radiation safety) and whether those trainings are required or recommended for you based on what you work with.