Inventory Management

Chemical Inventory Management

Good chemical inventory management enhances safety and can reduce cost when the materials must be disposed of.

An accurate chemical inventory is essential to avoid duplicate orders and easily identify old, obsolete, or off-specification chemicals so they can be disposed of in a timely fashion. Chemicals of interest include research materials, teaching materials, and maintenance materials such as paints, lubricants, and pesticides.

New Onsite EHS Software Coming Soon!

The Environmental Health & Safety is implementing the Onsite EHS software database. This database will allow you to maintain an accurate inventory of your chemicals using a bar code system. Material Safety Data Sheets will be available for each container of chemical on your inventory.

As materials are consumed you can easily remove them from inventory. New purchases can be added by following a simple process.

The database allows the owner of a chemical to “share” the materials with other campus users.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets provide the end user of a chemical information on the properties of the material, handling instructions, and hazards posed by exposure to the chemical. The MSDS is prepared by the distributor or manufacturer of the chemical.

Contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer to obtain copies of any Material Safety Data Sheets you need.