Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection safeguards you from exposure to hazardous vapors, mists, smoke, aerosols, pathogens, etc. In some situations, it may be necessary for you to wear a respirator as part of your research at MSU if appropriate engineering controls, such as chemical fume hoods, are not available or feasible. Respirators should be used as a last resort because of the stress they can place on the respiratory tract of the user and they can be cumbersome to wear.

Use of any type of respirators must be based upon a risk assessment conducted by the area supervisor and EH&S. Training and fit testing of respirators must be in accordance with the Mississippi State University Respiratory Protection Program through EH&S.

Request for Respirator Fit Testing

Fill out the online Respirator Fit Testing Request Form and provide adequate information regarding the material you will be working with and your work process. EH&S will review your request and reach out to you with any questions or recommendations, as respirators should be used as a last resort. 

Should a respirator be required:

  1. Print and complete the “Medical Evaluation Form”
  2. Print a copy of the “Physician Medical Clearance” Form (this will be completed following your evaluation)
  3. Schedule an appointment for Medical Evaluation with Dr. Katrina Poe at Longest Student Health Center and provide the appropriate billing account number. Otherwise, the visit will be charged to your personal account.
  4. After evaluation, Dr. Poe will give you your completed “Physician Medical Clearance” Form
  5. Set up an appointment for Respirator Fit Testing via email: