Emergencies: Spills and Accidental Releases

Chemical spills and accidental releases of materials can pose a hazard to MSU personnel and students and result in significant damage to MSU buildings and the environment. Prompt response actions are essential. Examples of relative common spills include fuels such as diesel and gasoline.

When chemicals or fuels are spilled, the following steps should be followed:

  • Shut off the source of the spill if you can safely do so
  • In the event of injury or serious chemical exposure contact the MSU police and request medical assistance (325-2121 or 911)
  • For minor spills use the emergency shower or eyewash station to remove the contaminant
  • Contact the Environmental Health & Safety for assistance cleaning up the spill and properly disposing of the waste
    • - After hours, contact the MSU Police
  • Begin cleanup of the spilled material ONLY if you have proper personal protective equipment and can safely do so

The Environmental Health & Safety provides basic emergency training (~ 1 hour) on request and advanced hands-on training (8 & 24 hours) occasionally. Contact Ben Sharpe, Hazardous Waste Officer, at 325-3294 or bsharpe@ehs.msstate.edu for more information.